House of Marbles, Whoopee Cushion (222009)

House of Marbles

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These windy bags of fun and an all-time favorite novelty are a hilariously immature addition to HOM's hugely successful ‘Lord Phartwell” range. Lord Phartwell's Novelty says, for those with a discerning sense of humor: "In these trying times it is important to maintain a healthy sense of humor. What better way to engender mirth than the discomfort of others? Laughing at another's misfortune makes one feel distinctly superior and keeps those of a lower station in their place. I can honestly conceive of no funnier situation than forcing an unfortunate stooge (and those around them) to believe they have suffered an alarming accident in their undergarments. Have fun".

  • Instructions: inflate, place under cushion, wait for victim to sit
  • Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
  • WARNING: Suffocation & choking hazard, small pieces. Discard of broken whoopie cushions immediately. Keep away from children.
  • Each package contains 1 whoopie cushion
  • Releases a doozy of a fart noise!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review