Biedermann & Sons Glass Bobeche Holly, Set of 2

Biedermann & Sons

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A bobeche is a cup or ring placed at the bottom of a candle or on a candle holder. Used to catch any melted wax running down the side of the candle, a bobeche also adds a finished style to any candle holder. Each bobeche measures 2.75" in diameter, for use with 7/8-inch taper candles. Biedermann and Sons has specialized in unique candles and decorative accessories since 1956.

  • 2.75-Inch Diameter for use with a 7/8-inch taper candle
  • Clear glass holly designs
  • Place a bobeche at the bottom of a candle to catch any dripping wax
  • A bobeche can dress up a candle stick, adding a touch of style to any decor from casual to formal


(No reviews yet) Write a Review