Nambe 9" Square Salad Plate (555A)


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Product Overview

Be practical and stylish at the same time with any of our generously sized Square Platters. Made from our remarkable thermal-retentive signature metal, these platters (or plates in the 9" x 9" size) are great for both cold and hot foods. For cold foods, chill the metal in the freezer and then bring it right to the table; for hot foods, warm in the oven first. And here's yet another reason to consider the Square Platter: it was the first piece recognized by New York's Museum of Modern Art and it is now in their permanent collection.

  • Nambé square 9-inch salad plate; designed by Richard K. Thomas 
  • Crafted of a sand-cast metal alloy and hand-polished to a bright gleam 
  • Oven- and freezer-safe; will not crack, chip, or tarnish; wash by hand 
  • Contemporary classic, in NY's Museum of Modern Art permanent collection


(No reviews yet) Write a Review