Michel Design Works White Spruce Home Fragrance Diffuser & Votive Candle Gift Set

Michel Design Works

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This Gift Set lives up to Michel Design Works guiding principle: It is for any room in the house. It includes a Fragrance Diffuser with reeds and a matching same-scent Votive Candle.

  • Scent: White Spruce
  • Contains 8 reeds. 70 ml fragrance oil in decanter, and a white spruce scented votive candle
  • To use: Remove stopper of decanter. Insert 4-8 reeds in vessel and place in a room. The reeds draw up the scented oil and disperse the fragrance lightly through the air. Refresh the scent occasionally by flipping the reeds over.
  • Approx. 10 hours burn time on candle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review