Fox Run Non-Stick Rolling Pin (4026)

Fox Run

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Product Overview

Wish you could roll out dough, without the headache? This Non-Stick Rolling Pin is perfect for rolling out sticky dough, such as gluten-free dough! Made of durable and stylish black carbon steel, this 12" long barrel provides a non-stick surface and features nylon bearings for smooth, easy rolling. The pin retains heft to do some of the work for you, without denting or cracking dough, for a simpler prep process. Grab ahold of this rolling pin's easy-to-grip wooden handles for optimal control and comfortable use that'll stick with you for years, unlike the dough.

  • Dimensions: Approximately 2.5 x 20.5 x 2.5"
  • Materials: Carbon Steel, Wood, Nylon
  • Care Instructions: Hand washing recommended
  • Great basic kitchen tool for any baker


(No reviews yet) Write a Review