Fox Run Corn Desilking Brush (5433)

Fox Run

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Product Overview

Find yourself spending more time on prepping corn than actually enjoying it? Fresh corn lovers everywhere have endured the struggle of trying to remove all the little bits of silk one by one. The Corn Desilking Brush is designed to help get you that ready-to-cook corn faster, and with less stress. Made of durable hardwood, the brush's nylon bristles will easily remove silk from corn on the cob when used with gentle pressure. Its small size allows for easy maneuvering, and its versatility allows for even more uses. Let the bristles do the work.

  • Dimensions: Approximately 1.25 x 2.25 x 1.25"
  • Materials: hardwood with nylon bristles
  • Easily remove silk from corn before cooking by using gentle pressure
  • Versatile brush features stiff bristles that won't scratch most surfaces, can be used to clean other veggies and items


(No reviews yet) Write a Review