Cazenovia Abroad Ornament, Little Sister

Cazenovia Abroad

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Sterling Silver
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This little sister ornament is a great gift regardless of the season. It's the perfect present for your little sister, who has been there for you for years. This ornament also makes a great gift from a little sister to show her siblings she will always be there to protect them no matter what their age. The little sister ornament is created with some of the world's finest silver, and crafted by the best silversmiths in Europe. This unique ornament from Cazenovia Abroad makes the perfect decoration any time of year. You can also string this on a necklace chain for a unique piece of jewelry. Cazenovia Abroad was founded in 1967 and remains a family-owned and operated business today.

  • Measures approximately 2.5"
  • Made of sterling silver
  • Made in Portugal


(No reviews yet) Write a Review