Biedermann & Sons 12" Advent Taper Candle (CT2018)

Biedermann & Sons

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This advent candle from Biedermann and Sons is the perfect addition to your home this advent season. The candle is decorated with numbers to represent the 24 days of advent. You burn the candle each day to count down to Christmas. The candle also features the pictures of green pine tree leaves and toys and other holiday symbols, including: gingerbread men, candy, spinning tops, drums, and nutcrackers. This candle makes a unique way to celebrate the coming of Christmas.

  • Included: One 12" taper candle
  • Dimensions: Approximately 0.75 x 12 x 0.75"
  • Materials: Wax, Cotton
  • Fits any standard-sized taper holder


(No reviews yet) Write a Review