HIC Plink Sink Disposal Cleaner, Variety Pack

Harold Import Co.

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Lemon, Orange, and Simply Fresh
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Product Overview

Plink Garbage Disposer Cleaner and Deodorizer cleans, deodorizes and unclogs garbage disposals. It's specially designed by plumbers to remove buildup and deodorize without any phosphates, bleach or scrubbing. Proudly made in America, Plink's powerful formula effectively breaks up fat and food particles while its built-in odor eliminator neutralizes garbage disposal smells in seconds. Non toxic and biodegradable, Plink is safe for drains, pipes, septic, and the environment, plus it's super easy to use. To clean, deodorize, and unclog garbage disposals, simply drop a Plink sphere in and run the sink garbage disposal with a slow stream of hot water for 15 seconds. Goodbye clogs and foul smells! Hello clean garbage disposals and fresh kitchens. For best results, Plink the sink twice a week to maintain a clean garbage disposal and prevent future clogs. Easily revive fresh scents by running the garbage disposer with bursts of hot water. Includes 20 single-use spheres in assorted lemon, orange, and simply fresh scents. Follow printed directions on the packaging.

  • Variety Pack of Assorted Fragrances including lemon, orange, and fresh scent
  • Used once or twice a week, Plink balls clean and deodorize your kitchen sink disposal, leaving a fresh scent
  • Plink breaks up fat and food particles and helps prevent clogging
  • Biodegradable balls won’t harm plumbing, and come in a space-saving compact plastic storage case


(No reviews yet) Write a Review