Caspari Self-Adhesive Labels, Red Border Stripe, 2 Pack (LTAG012)


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Handcrafted in the United States, these beautiful self-adhesive labels are thoughtfully made for a variety of uses. Adhere them to gift bags and gift wrap as beautiful tapeless gift tags, use to label homemade jams, jars, and pantry items, or stick them anywhere you need a name tag. They are a charming addition to your table, kitchen, office, pantry and more. Caspari is a respected publisher of exquisitely designed and printed paper products, with a reputation earned over the past seventy years by reproducing the work of established artists and museums from around the world.

  • Included: 2 packs of 12 self-adhesive labels
  • Dimensions: Approximately 2.25 x 3.25" each
  • Design: A refined basic, this design captures a timeless and simple style that is perfect for any occasion
  • Note: Not suitable for use on fur, vinyl, silk, leather or suede


(No reviews yet) Write a Review