Fox Run Ironwood Gourmet Steak Barbecue Plate (28101)

Fox Run

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Product Overview

A must-have for all lovers of grilling. Fox Run's Steak Barbecue Plate allows you to finish out the grilling process at its utmost potential. This general chopping board keeps grilled food hotter longer and keeps steak knives nice and sharp. Made of gorgeous acacia hardwood, the board features juice grooves that will contain juices so they don't transfer to your plate and mix with other foods. The featured grommet allows you to easily hang the board on display for a classic kitchen touch or for air drying. A truly unique barbecue plate that will take center stage at any gathering or special occasion.

  • Dimensions: Approximately 11 x 13 x 0.75"
  • Materials: Acacia wood, known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash & Air Dry
  • Features a grommet for hanging on display when not in use!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review