Wusthof Classic 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife, Black(4126-7)

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  • Serrated blade cuts through sausages and fruit skins easily
  • Forged, high-carbon stainless steel blade, hand-honed for razor-like sharpness
  • Traditional-style composition handle is triple-riveted for strength and permanence
  • Contoured handles fit nicely in your hand for a comfortable secure grip

You're getting ready for a picnic, and all that's left to do is slice the meat, so you pull out your Wusthof Classic 5 in. Serrated Kitchen Utility Knife to make quick work of it. Aren't you glad you found your Wusthof? You can count on Wusthof knives for ultra-sharp, easy-to-care-for blades and sturdy construction. The knife is made from one piece of steel, so you can use it as often as you like and you won't end up with a wobbly handle.