Demdaco Dice Set, Family Activity


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Encourage positivity and happy family bonding with games that celebrate the joy of togetherness. Our Family Activity Dice Set is three large dice in a wooden crate, each decorated with six silly activities. It is easy to store or to leave out as a decoration, and you can take it with you to parties to share with friends. You can give this clever gift as a holiday or anytime gift for strengthening family bonds. We can all benefit from remembering to have fun and be silly, no matter our age. Family games are always in style.

  • Size: 2"sq.
  • Materials: wood composite
  • Sentiment: Tell a joke; Whistle a tune; Say the ABC's backwards; Sing a song; Make animal noises; DO an impression; While doing dance moves; While making funny faces; While holding your nose; like you're super excited; Like you're sooo tired; While spinning in circles; By yourself; You and the person to your left; This person; You and the person to your right; That person; Everyone


(No reviews yet) Write a Review