Byers' Choice Puzzle, 'Twelve Days of Christmas' Carolers (6341800)

Byers' Choice

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Byers Choice Twelve Days of Christmas-Carolers Puzzle is thoughtfully designed with over 500 interlocking pieces which will surely blow your boredom away. Made of high quality thick cardboard which makes the Puzzle durable and last longer. The Byers Choice campus is dedicated to bringing the special warmth and traditions of Christmas into your home. You will love building or giving a collection of Byers Choice fine handcrafted gifts.

  • Puzzle Dimensions: 21.25 x 15"
  • Puzzle Size: 500 pieces
  • Materials: High-quality cardboard
  • Made in the USA

"No two Carolers are ever the same. Byers' Choice artisans create a unique character and personality in each figure by using a variety of techniques and materials. Each crafter leaves a little bit of herself in every figure she touches. As many as ten people will work on one Caroler. Consequently, it is almost impossible to find two Carolers that are exactly alike." -- Joyce Byer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review